Hey people. I am currently 18 weeks out from my show. I am going to be logging my progress. I have no intent to tell you everything I hit in the gym or everything I eat.

That said I will keep everyone updated on my progress, what my gym split/cardio looks like, and the basis of my diet.

To start out right now my current weight is 209.0. I am currently running Mast at 400 mgs/week, NPP at 400 mgs/week, and Test at 750 mgs/week.

I plan on doing some fine research with some sweet oh sweet Evolution Peps.
My rats name is Earl, and he is a champ all in his own.
I will be experimenting with him at 150mcg Ipam and 100mcg CJC no/Dac split into 2 shots.
You will be updated on how these are doing for Earl!

I will keep up with this fellas, how I am feeling, where I am struggling, and my improvements.

I just don't want to be so over-the-top that people don't even want to read what I'm putting.

Oh and yes I do have a coach that I pay to do my diet, so I will probably keep you all up to date on my macros and how they change from week to week.

I want to give a MASSIVE thank you to Evolution Peptides and SteroidsFax. Not only for helping me get this setup but for the support they have already shown.

When I told Vision and JW I wanted to compete I got nothing but love and support. Then I got in touch with Evolution and they just made this log possible.

Now let's see where this journey takes me!