Hey guys, first cycle here. I'm 24, been lifting for over 6 years, body fat is pretty high to be honest I would guess high teens weigh a little over 200. I decided my first cycle would be test only.

Weeks 1-10: test e 500mgs ew, 10mgs of aromasin ed
Weeks 11-12: 10mgs of aromasin ed
Weeks 13-16: nolvadex 40/40/20/20, continue aromasin 10mgs ed

I pinned 250mgs of test e for the first time on wed and started the 10mgs of aromasin ed. By Friday I had lost my sex drive. I figured since it was soo early that maybe the aromasin killed my estrogen levels causing this, especially since I dont have any other symptoms. So I stopped the aromasin on sat. Today is sunday, I pinned another 250mgs of test e this morning and have not taken aromasin and I think today sex drive is completely gone.

Not sure whats going on, maybe estrogen is too high? I have no other symptoms though. I know a blood test is the only way to confirm but now im thinking instead of dropping the aromasin I should have upped the dosage. Or is it too early to tell?

Any thoughts on this?