Planning in running Tren E 300mg per week alongside about 450mg Masteron E. Of course I'll be running test with it too, but I'm debating how to dose that and I would value any input. I don't want sore joints and I want libido to be high too. I've aromasin pharma tabs but they are hard to dose since they are tiny making them impossible to split. I also run a low dose if prami to help combat the trensomnia.

I've been running 900mg test with 600mg EQ for a few months and it's been great, but tren for me blows the doors off anything personally. I added in a low dose of ace only one week in and starting to get hard, excellent lean gains. I love tren! I just can't run too much because it knocks me on my ass with side effects. Have run as much as 100mg per day of ace and it was phenomenal, but I felt like death too. Haha!