Possible hernia?

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    Possible hernia?

    Two days ago I was in a wrestling tournament. Beforehand I felt normal, no pain or any odd feelings. I wrestled one match and half way through the match I was on my stomach, stretching out my body I felt an intense pain in my upper right groin area - lower right abdomen. It lasted probably 10-20 seconds and it left. I thought nothing of it so I just continued. The next day I wrestled another match where the same thing had happened. I still just continued with my match. Today I woke with a pain in my neck, no idea if that has any relevance and an awkward feeling near my groin area. It wasn't painful, it just felt weird when I bent, turned around, or walked sometimes. I tried coughing to feel a bump but nothing was there. I'm really worried about this, wondering if it could be a hernia. What do you think?

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    Let your dr check it out, sounds like could be herniA but i'm not a dr

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