So, I'm finally taking the plunge... been a few years coming, lots of research, a few PH cycles, still training hard, so it's time to grow.

30y/o, 6'-2"
240lbs start weight.
Lifting heavy for 3 years now, but have been lifting on and off since 17y/o.

Weeks 1-6 - Dbol 40mg per day.
Weeks 2-13 - Test E, 250ml twice a week.
Weeks 13-17 - Clomid 100, 50, 50,50

.05mg Arimidex EOD
Milk Thistle
Hawthorne Berry
Orange Triad
Liv. 42
Creatine Mono
Precision Mettle Intra-workout
GAT pre-workout
Protein, twice a day.

Split varies, but usually:
Monday - Back
Tuesday - Chest
Wednesday - off cardio
Thursday - Arms
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Shoulders
Sunday - what ever I feel like needs more work.

Diet is in check, best it's been in a long time. No sugar, no alcohol, no junk food, all good stuff!

Will try and update with additional info as it goes. Will get to some pics eventually.
First injection was on Saturday night. Next is tomorrow. Injection site is tender, but that's it. Expecting that to last a few more days as it was the first one. No sides to date.