I had a friend of mine who lived in New Orleans ship me a box up to New York with a brief conversation on the phone of dosing, how to administer, etc. This was 1986. No internet, no forums

Anyway, It was a 12 week cycle of test c and deca. I loaded it into a 22 g, 1.5" and then I had probably what was considered a panic attack before trying to inject myself. Finally I did it and look forward to each injection afterwards. Gained 30 lbs. Got strong as hell.

Back then, you could get away with telling people you got big taking Animal Paks

btw....PCT was a week of Nolvadex and that's it. Nothing on cycle except eating and drinking a lot.

Everything back in the late 80s and early 90s was all from US pharmacies, a little but from Mexico.

The End.