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    SFY on the MONEY

    Hi All
    Brand new to the site, but not to the game by any stretch. Came across SFY on another board and SFY alerted me to the community here. Just getting started but the site looks AWESOME to say the least.
    Anyway, getting back to my reason for this post.
    I have wanted to try human grade pharm product for a bit but from what I saw prices and T/A times had me hesitant. I went back and forth with Julia. She got back to me with a price that was impossible to resist. I still wasn't too sure about the T/A time, but I figured wtf and placed my order.
    Product came VERY FAST to where I live. That was the time I was quoted and arrived nicely packaged. Bayer amps were the most beautiful sight these eyes have seen in quite some time.
    In the middle of my cycle and gains are nice. Bodyweight up a few pounds and picking up a pounds on lifts each week, so I am very happy. I am taking only the TestoViron amps. And very modest amounts to start. Will revert back when cycle is over.
    I have subsequently ordered another batch of Testovirons and they just arrived a few days ago. Another great T/A time. I couldn't possibly ask for more. Communication is very quick. Whatever questions I have had, were answered and T/A times as quoted/advertised.
    I would highly recommend!
    Thx to Julia and everybody at SFY for a job well done.
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