Hi Guys -
I have been running

Tren Hexocarbonate (GEP new Parabolic) at 225mg / actually or 115mg 2x week.
400 mg Deca per week
2 Sustanon 250mg per week.
I'm 4 weeks into this, results are very strong and I am not looking watery or bloated at all.

I am a "responder" either because of my age, the high quality of the gear, my training, supps and nutrition, rest, or a combination of all of these factors. I do occasionally find myself overtrained, but I know how to adjust for this.

I am 44 and been training my whole life with one slack off eating and drinking fat period in my late 30's to 40 or 41. I am 5'8 1/2, 225-228 lbs estimate BF to be 15% and slowly dropping.

I am getting ready to add a 200iu kit of Hydroropin GH at 4-5 iu a day, 5 days a week, as well as 6 weeks of Anadrol at 50mg per day, to the above cycle. I may bring the trenbolone up slightly to 300mg/week. I plan to leave the sustanon level steady, where it is now.

Any thoughts/input on this cycle, from guys at my level or above, would be welcomed. Thanks.