I just came off a 10 week cycle of Deca (150mg a week, low, yes, I know) at the start of October. Without planning on it, I've come across a great opportunity to intern for the feds this summer. They require a urine drug test, and can detect steroids. I've looked into detection time for Deca, they vary from 8-18 months. The test will be 9-10 months from last injection. Aside from staying clean, not taking any steroids, is there anything else I can do to make sure my tests say I'm clean?

- I'm working out everyday, trying to get my bodyfat as low as possible.
- Drinking a gallon and a half to two gallons of water everyday
- Taking fish oil, glucosamine, multi vitamin daily
- Having plenty of fiber with the help of Metamucil

Once again, I realize I should have taken the detection time into consideration. This opportunity just snuck up on me. Is there anything else I can do help "cleanse" my body?

Also, if I get myself drug tested (assuming I fail), will I be able to see how much or little traces of Deca they were able to detect? Thanks