To be eligible you much purchase 100$ worth of gear by the end of the month. This will give everyone plenty of time to participate. Also you MUST PM me with your E-Mail so that I can confirm your order with Crimson. If you do not PM me then you are not eligible sorry.

Also a wild card to get thrown in. If you can get a girl to write the word CRIMSON on her tits or ass you will get an additional 50$ worth of gear if you win.

Each person will have a generated number, those numbers will be loaded to an excel spread sheet to keep it fair. Then the day of the contest I will ask one of the participants to pic a number and that will be the winner.

An example your number maybe 207 and on the excel spread sheet 207 is on line 6. So if he pics 6 then you win. This will make it so no one can cheat and try to pic their own number. It will be random and completely fair.