Christian is pretty well respected in most 'circles' but when I came across rule #1 (heavy overhead pressing is a must) I was somewhat skeptical because many powerlifters are the opposite and are careful with excessive shoulder work (this is individual, not the same for everyone). But when I hit #2, he believes he lost MORE than 60 pounds on his bench press because he was in a hot tub and lost 6 pounds??? WOW what bizarre science is this!?!? I would completely look at other things besides the loss of 6 pounds being responsible for such a huge drop in strength, like - benching heavy two days in a row, and maybe he was in the hot tub so long that his body is in some strange extended-relaxed (CNS?) state.

I don't believe everyone is the same when it comes to benching, we have different builds. i.e. some people tend to fail on the bottom of reps and some at the top, me I tend to fail at the top, I can get almost anything half way there but... if the triceps can't finish (long arms) then that is where I tend to fail, nothing sits parked on my chest leaving me totally stuck.

He does endorse the suicide grip though which I'm all for, it takes just once to change someone's mind I'm sure but... thus far, no incidents

Its a TNation article if you're curious to read it, I'm not shooting him down but I think he is off base here with some kind of 'science' I'm not familiar with: