I have been offered two jobs
one promises more pay after 30 days
one will be the same pay for...forever basically, unless I took on more work/became available.

more pay is 40 hrs a week
regular w2 job
10-6 and includes saturdays
after childcare, fuel etc I would literally only clear about 150 bucks a week from it...if everyone is satisfied with the trial peried I'd clear about 350 a week

same pay job is about 3 third shifts of 5-7 hrs at a time
1099 job, and an owner/job I'm very familiar with. He actually called me with this asan emergency
there would be no childcare aside from about 2-3 hrs a day but I'd have to force myself to go to sleep at like 8pm for those three nights to get up at 2-3 am to get the work done in time
I'd clear about 250 a week.

my problem with all of this is I was clearing about 700 a week after childcare until the contract died on my last job


I hate job hopping because I've done a LOT of it the last couple of years so I feel like if I take either job until something better comes along this makes me a deadbeat and puts employers in a bad spot.

I have a lot more thoughts on the whole thing ...I was actually asked to start the ft job today but I said no, I can start monday but I'm really rethinking it after doing the math.