Macros and Losing Weight?

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    Macros and Losing Weight?

    Will someone please explain to me if I have this right? So one wants to lose weight. They calculate macros and OVER TIME they lose weight with a good diet hitting those macros and exercise. So...

    Take a guy, he calculates his macros, and say the TEE, BMR all that stuff equates to a 2000 cal worth of "macros" pro, carbs and fats he needs daily. Right? Please explain to me with the deficit of his exercise routine, how he CONTINUALLY loses weight EVERY week?

    He wants to shave off 20% of his body weight? Just meeting said macros he will lose a 1-2 lbs a week? Even keeping the macros THE SAME for a month? I thought in order for one to lose weight they MUST lower their energy requirements once they lost some weight.

    Can someone please tell me HOW one will lose 1lb a week consistently from the 20% deficit when the cal drop(while hitting macros) that hits their body in the first week is the SAME as in the fourth, the fifth, sixth...etc... Does that make sense?

    Suppose we were using Calories only instead of macros which is stupid but to make my point. Cal 20% reduced from original intake

    Week 1 2000 cal
    Week 2 2000 cal
    Week XYZ.. 2000cal

    With the calories the SAME one would NEVER lose 4lbs in a month. So why is it keeping Macros the same for a month WITH the 20% diet reduction, one may lose a lb per week? Why not they lose 1lb for a week and stop? Or More than 1lb that first week? How does the additional weight come off when intake is the same? Idk something I am missing. But I understand if one were clean bulking, depending on genetics one would gain lean muscle more so than eating 100% junk.

    Idk... just gonna try hitting my macros, I want to lose 10lbs. Got my macros recalculated and gonna try for a month.
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