So I have a number of wear and tear injuries, golfer's elbow, slight labrum tear, bursitis in hip, and other minor strains from past years.

TB500 will be run for at 4mg (2mg 2x/week) for a few weeks, then 2mg 1x/week for another month or so.

I've never run any peptides, just AAS and I'm contemplating adding a GHRP mainly for the healing effects from the IGF1 increase it causes.
I'm leaning away from using IGF-1 Des or LR3 directly because it just seems like a GHRP may be easier to run for a newb. My workouts have suffered dramatically because of injuries, I took a couple months off completely, and am do PT.

Any advice is appreciated. My main goal is just being able to lift the way I used to. I'm 30 y/old