Question. I was diagnosed with low test. Really low. Doc put me on 150mg of a test mix every 5 days, Vit E shots, and 5mg daily cialis. Before I went to him I was down on energy, wasnt focused, and sexually I was lucky to get a stiffy. At 40 that sucks!! Within 4 days I was energetic, great mood, and sexually rock solid and good to go!! Well as anyone thats been to a HRT knows, it isnt cheap. The cialis daily alone was $130 a month. YIKES!! So I was on this site and decided to try something from a supplier here. I wanted to use AMA but it was when they shut down for the restock and I needed stuff so used another company. I ordered Sustanon250, TestE 250, Viagra, and Cialis 10mg. The Viagra..well maybe I just dont respond to it as when I took it I couldnt even get the partial I use to get. I couldnt get aroused at ALL. The cialis I take 10mg daily and some days its better than before, some days its like normal..meh. I am taking 500mg weekly of the TestE and to be honest I notice some gains in the gym but nothing like my past cycles. No where close. The Sustanon..I cant take it. 1 shot in the delt and I cant raise my arm for 4 days. Shot in the quad and my leg swells up and cant walk. Weird. So the question I have is for guys currently using AMAs cialis and test that have had the real prescription does it compare? I mean its MUCH cheaper and I know folks are all about AMA so my next cycle is from them, but is the results close? Or would I be better off trying cialis from somewhere else like an online pharm? All answers are greatly appriciated!!