Hello everyone. So I already have low testosterone and I'm currently on a 150 mg every two weeks. Me and the doc are still on the trial and error phase to get them to the normal range. I've been thinking of doing some on and off cycles once I get my levels to normal. My questions are.. will I mess up my low testosterone problem even more if I did that? or will I be able to just go back to the regular trt dose and be fine? Second question.. would the on and off cycles be different for me vs someone with normal testosterone as far as doses? Third question.. what would do you guys think of this cycle for me as the first cycle ever.. it goes.. and this is for testosterone c btw..
Week 1 200 mg
Week 2 200 mg
Week 3 300 mg
Week 4 300 mg
Week 5 300 mg
Week 6 350 mg
Week 7 350 mg

So what do you guys think. Would this be good doses for a first cycle for me? what would be a good follow up pct for this? Also is there a good legit "legal" site where I can get my "medical" testosterone? Pm me with that info. Thanks