Okay so I have the following supplies on hand on would like some feedback on how I should structure the run the get the most out of these compounds.
I am working with Test Cyp, Mast E, and NPP. I also have Var on hand. I have made many runs but my body still seems to respond very well to the low to mid doses. I have not run Mast before and I have not ran NPP before so they are new to me and my body. I started with the Test Deca Winny for my intro and then Slowly moved to Test Tren EQ for some time, but seems my body does not like Tren anymore HBP even at low doses, and the EQ produced RBC issues to the point I had to go donate blood. So that is a little of my history. I never had any bad side effects from the Test Deca Winny so that why I am working my way toward compound similar.
My Stats:
late 30's early 40's
5'10 198 lbs
BF approx. 10-12
Lifting as long as I can remember. Started "Sups" Late 20's

Looking forward to info.