I will be doing something pretty similar to Heavy's Mass Power Stack.

it will be something like this for 10 weeks
1200-1800mg test blend
400-600mg tren E
I will hopefully be running inj. superdrol, haven't decided on the mgs. thinking 25mg but I dont know.
Maybe ?NPP at 400mgs
proviron at 50mg-100mg ED
and If I have some Peps, ill throw those in too.
If I can afford it I will be rotating Follistatin in for 10 days at a time probably around the second week in, at 100mcg ed

Aromasin 12.5 ed
Caber .25mg 2X week
HMB will be added 6th week in and ran for the last 4.

missing anything? would you change anything? add?