Anyone here remember this training method from back in the day? I used to swear by it but had an injury 5yrs ago (unrelated) and have been afraid to use it again for any prolonged period for fear of injury because of the high intensity. Anyone here used the workout consistently without injuries?

Those wondering the workout consisted of doing a full body wokout every other day. Each body part is hit with one major exercise for 1 set. The set consists of maxing out at 8 reps, resting up to 7 seconds, doing as many more as you can (usually 2-3 with such little rest), resting again up to 7 seconds, doing as many reps again, and continuing the cycle for that exercise until you have a combined 16-18 reps for the upper body exercises and 20-22 for lower body. The idea was that growth is triggered at each of those maxing iterations of a set cycle, and with only 1 set each body part has enough time to grow and then recuperate for another workout with only 1 day of rest. This way, within 2 weeks you can hit any single body part 7 times and trigger growth pretty consistently.

I know my explanation is not as eloquent as doggcrap's, but I hate typing on my phone. In any case, I packed a shit ton of muscle when I ran this routine, so I'm contemplating it now that I'm trying to bulk again.

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