Hey just started tapering off of Tren Ace/Test c/Dbol to Sust/winny
(been my first time trying m's sust btw)

I have actually gained 14 Ibs, lean, during this gradual switch;
I must respond to Test well because I've never used more than 500mg of test in my blasts, & cycles;
This time around I'll be working my way up to 1500mg/week pinned ED which is 3x more test than I've ever had in my body; do you guys think my receptors are more sensitive to test because of this?

p.s. can anybody give their opinion on the EQ, Mast, Var, Adex, & Nolva?; gonna check out the adex so I can dry out a little more.

p.s.s. if anyone has any legit prohormones left that they want to sell, pm me;
stuff like Primordial Performance Superdrone, PP 1-T, PP Tren, M-drol, X-tren, Spawn...etc.
Just trying to find things that my body is not used to.