Updated Cycle Pics... 15% body fat... Leg Pics Included!

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    Updated Cycle Pics... 15% body fat... Leg Pics Included!

    I have a few updated pics from the gym... I am right about 15% body fat and have put on some nice clean muscle size as well... My vascularity is pretty much scary right now and my overall progress is just sweet... I am really loving this cycle... I have right about 2 weeks left... The beauty with test and GH is that the gains, while fast and steady, remain constant throughout, so it really helps the mentality to continue to see gains... I see everyday as a day to achieve just a bit more and make more progress... Happy, but never satisfied is how I do it...

    Thanks to World-Pharma, IML and AY for the sups!

    I have been accused in the past of taking the same poses and avoiding posting pics of my legs... I think it's extremely comical so I took a few leg shots... The funny thing is that people at the gym ask me all the time if I have calf implants and ask what I do to get them the way they are... I just get so caught up in my ab pictures that I never take other shots so I decided to do that this time...

    Next time I will get some cock shots... My cock is covered in a mural of tattoos but it still is showing extreme V shape cut...

    You can see my shoulders are probably my best part besides abs and the vascularity is crazy... Thank you for all the support...

    Here is the cycle... Recently added tren a to it...

    1-8 test cyp 350 mg week
    1-10 British Dragon GH 3.3 iu daily
    8-10 Asia Pharma tren a 300 mg weekly
    8-10 Oral Turinabol 60 mg daily

    Attached Images Attached Images

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