Daddys Back!! Well, kinda lol. If you didnt hear i was in a tiny fender bender with a drunk asshole who was texting and decided to run a red light and drive his fucking SUV into the car i was in and i mean INTO it. And if you were wondering -Yes, it was a mexican and yes he had no insurance. Just sayin. It was an awesome night. I still dont remember wtf happened, i just know what i was told. The first few weeks were pretty rough. Don't even feel like going into the details but i was pretty fucked up. Amazing to see who is there for you when shit like that happens but i just wanna say that im blessed to have a lot of good people around me and it literally blew me away that i got and still have the support i do. Special shout out to the AMA especially on this. I appreciate what they did for me. So anyways. Im healing and hopefully ill have these fucking wires off my jaw soon. Got sick to some of the meds they gave me. Let me tell you. Its fucking awesome to puke while your mouth i wired shut. Enough of that shit. My mind is totally focused on the future right now. I was pretty depressed for a bit but im crawling out of it slowly. Ive lost over 20 lbs already. Fucking sucks. I WANT TO EAT SOLID FOOD BAD!! I feel tiny and fat at the same time but i know what ive done in the past and i know i can bounce back.

Just wanted to let everyone know i appreciate all the support and all the posts and pms. While im not coming back here full time just yet ill be around but obviously i have some other priorities i need to focus on. Looks like Sherk and Freight have a great handle on taking care of you guys so ill just watch from the sidelines and get my ass back to alpha mode. I think Sherk is doing a great job as the lead rep and feel good leaving things in his hands. He's a good bro. And looks like that big beast Freight is gearing up for another show and i cant wait to follow allong.

So here is an AMA salute to everyone, GO FUCK YOURSELF!