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GMP Gear at UGL Prices?

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    GMP Gear at UGL Prices?

    GMP Gear UGL Prices?

    For anyone out there who has wanted to try WP gear, now is your chance. WP is running this sale for ONE reason ONLY--to give EVERYONE a chance to try these products at prices everyone can afford. He NEVER runs these kind of sales, guys. The minimum order is only 5 vials...and he is allowing you to chose from ANY of the products below for only $60 a vial/bottle!!! I have NEVER seen him offer Trenabolic for $60 a vial...because it costs more for him to purchase than stuff like testosterone or boldenone.

    These are at or near freaking UGL prices, guys. If you are getting ready to order gear...or will need to anytime soon, why on Earth would you pass up a chance to use GMP made gear for only $60 a vial when half the UGLs' out there are selling Tren for the same price?! Even most of the good UGLs are selling testosterone for $40+ dollars a vial.

    Anyway, the sale only lasts 2 more days. See below...

    Mix & Match @ $60 per product

    1. Boldebolic 10 ml 200 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    2. Cypiobolic 10 ml 200 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    3. Decabolic 10 ml 200 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    4. Enathbolic 10 ml 250 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    5. Propiobolic 10 ml 100 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    6. Trenabolic 10 ml 80 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    7. Sustainbolic 10 ml 250 mg/ml Asia Pharma
    8. Turanabolic tablets 100 tabs 10 mg Asia Pharma
    9. Stanobol tablets 100 tabs 10 mg British Dragon
    10. Methanabol tablets 100 tabs 10 mg British Dragon

    *** $30 shipping charge on all orders under 10 vials. Free shipping on 10 vails or more.

    best regards,


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    Discount Code(20% OFF): arnold20


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