Stagnation, plateau, receptor downregulate, body adapt

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    Stagnation, plateau, receptor downregulate, body adapt


    What do you think about use one compound for more time than "normally"? For example: npp/tren.

    Most often the normally cycle with NPP / Tren Ace is 8-12 weeks. People end cycle after that time often from health or sides reason. And it's good choose of course.

    But... any people don't have bad sides, they are good tolerate this compounds and can run it more time.

    What do You think about run this same compound more time i.e NPP in steady dose. For example 500mg for 6-9 months? Do You think NPP will be stop work after any time on steady dose ( something like receptor downregulate or body adapting to steroid )?

    I red too that more time you are using the more you can have benefit from it...

    And i say again: we don't talk about health reasons :-)

    Your's exepiernce? Does anyone run one compond in steady dose for a long time with good results?

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    Once myostatin levels have peaked, you're screwed as far as lean mass gains. You can still reap some of benefits that the compound has to offer, but myostatin will not allow LBM gains after a certain point

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