I am not a new member here but I have been absent for about 13 months.
I am re-introducing myself though I still have to be careful about how much I say.

Male 46 years old, 190lbs, 22%BF (yeah recovering from injuries I kinda packed it on), lung cancer survivor.

I wasn't able to log into the forums because of places I was and work I was doing while I was there.
No, I wasn't in jail. I was doing my part to make your world a little safer.
I was not able to leave any trace of myself online or with personal devices (cell phone, laptop etc).
It was as if I didn't exist at all and that's pretty much all I can say about it.

I am home now. Apparently for good after bullet and shrapnel wounds and the resulting surgeries and rehab.

Even though I feel great now I have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and hypertension so I'll be staying stateside.
I am focusing on staying healthy.

I have a long road recovering and rehabbing from surgeries.
I am hoping that with changes in diet and proper medication I will be able to slow the progression of CKD and not need dialysis for a year or two.

I missed being able to contribute to the forums (at IMF especially).
I still browsed the site while I was dark, I just couldn't log in.
I look forward to being a worthwhile contributor while still having some fun.
I won't be able to spend the kind of time I did after I first signed up.

I will be spending a lot of time working with the organizations I have volunteered my time and my heart with for so long...
Toys For Tots, Coats For Kids, Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled Veterans of America.

I have a lot of research to do, especially and compounds that aren't renal toxic.

Muscle wasting is a huge problem for CKD patients...I don't intend on letting it happen to me.

If there are any other members with CKD or ESRD please PM me. I'd be interested to know how you're dealing with it.

Keep the Faith,