I have thinking for hours in a way to puts this review, and give the opportunity to Mexgear to rectify the situation. I do not want sound negative or that I am attacking this seller etc... Honestly it is what is, from what I have read here they seems to be well regarded and many have good experience in general. When I place my order with Mex, I went with my gut feeling, did not wanted to put too much money into one order in case of a burn. I did not made to much research (my fault) about them into the fact when started to dealing with then and received my liquids.

I believe I gave Mexgear enough opportunity to rectify the issue at least with my order process at the beginning and not much was done. But when it comes to the quality of it, I do not believe in second chances and here is why. I decided to open the vial that I received (Decabold 200mg) and did a close inspection with magnified glass and strong light, and what I saw perplex me. The vial was contaminated lots particles floating around, how is that possible? It had all the right indication that is legit. Pharma grade, well pack, hologram as per their site etc......

Anyways my conclusion. even if they sent me another bottle or try to rectified this issue, there is no way I can trust the quality of their product(base on my experience). I have try to write this review as neutral as possible and is my experience alone(your experience may be different that mine and my situation may be an isolated case)and you should make your judgment about this seller. My main motivation for this review was to share what I experience, I knew that are risks involved when you buy UGL product, so I accept my responsibility in this part of the deal and move on.

Thanks everyone,