Gear Vets!! Advice on site soreness please!!

So im on day 4 of a Test P/Tren A cycle. Here is how it has gone: (using a 22g 1.5in harpoon for all pins.

Pin 1 - Administered by the misses. Right glute. Smooth, mild soreness day after

Pin 2 - Administered by myself. Right Quad. Smooth. No pain whatsoever, even day after

Pin 3 - Administered by myself. Left Quad. Hit a fukin nerve. Very uncomfortable feeling. Pulled out, repositioned and then went in smooth

Pin 4 (Today) - Administered by the misses. Left glute. No pain UNTIL she pulled out. She pulled out very quickly and I heard a small vacuum sound, like popping air, now it is VERY sore.

Not worried about abscess , no burni g or SubQ cuz i was watching in the mirror, but it honestly feels like i am getting kicked in the ass by a steel toe boot.

Could this be because she drew out too fast?? Any advice appreciated.


First time using both compounds BTW.