As i said we will be giving a sample out of ALL our products every week untill we go through ALL of them. We will start at the beginning of the list under our "injectables" section on the site with Deca 200. If you are curious to see what all we are giving away or whats to come go to the site and check it out at ---

The entries will begin now. In order to get the gayness of the past contests out of my head, post 1 pic of the hottest girl you can find. You get one ENTRY. No multiple posts of pics please. So make the ONE count. Extra points for originality, authenticity and somehow throwing in something to do with our company. I will pick a winner by next Sat and announce the new Giveaway on next Sun. This contest is for here and ASF. There will be ONE winner for both. You are competing with each other. There is not one winner here and there just to be clear. The winner will also be invited to take advantage of a private sale coming in the future.

Post your pic in the Blueprint sub forum not here!

By now you guys have seen the labs, seen the pics and read the reviews by Vets and Mods on these boards and know we are not messing around when it comes to our customer service and def not our quality.

Im keeping an eye out on these contests. If you want to post something gay or that has nothing to do with the contest it will be deleted. You wanna post that shit do it in AG or send it directly to Captn.