Hey guys my first post here. Was looking for some advice from a vet. A little backround. 6 years lifting, 20 y/o, 225 6'3. I am looking at a pro card in the next 1-2 years, have won Nationals at a teen level and am soon moving on into 21+. Just finished my bulk sitting at 14% BF.

I have run a few bikes in the past, but i want a little advice.
I tend to run shorter cycles with my diabetes, so ignore that.

I am a type 1 diabetic, so that influences many decisions I make.

Test P Wk 1-8(10) EoD 100 mg
Stanzolol ( Winns) - 1-4 ( 2 weeks extra depending on Blood Glucose (BG) levels) 50 mg ED
Adex .5 eod

Have nov and milk thistle as well.

Winstrol does have an affect on insulin sensitivity, so depending on how controlled I am I may follow up with 2 extra weeks.

1)My first time running winnies. Will it affect my BG levels significantly?? How can I avoid/manipulate dosage times (I use an insulin pump, very easy to manipulate).

2) Will this significantly help shred/harden me up?

3) Anything I should be fixing on the cycle?