So i guess my other thread got deleted but got the information i wanted basically stats 6ft 145 pounds 20 years old before start talking bout my age i was diagnosed low t age 16 because of a genetic disorder called xxy syndrome, doctors wouldnt prescribe me injections so they put me on androgel then testim none them worked. I asked for injections this time they said yea but 200mg every four weeks most doctors said did my research no way in hell im going thru with it. i dont have insurance anymore so for the last month since ive had low t for couple years ive been using 500mg test e a week from mlg pharma. even tho i have no blood test to confirm i can say it deff is working alot of energy and im horny 247 which never was the case when i didnt take it so happy about that but im also going to put doing a full blast cycle for four months starting next month then cruise at 250mg a week for remaining of the year. May notice by my weight im really skinny most of it cause my doctors confirmed my metabolism is inhumanely fast it shouldnt be physically possible to be this fast, had me do a test i literally ate 7k a day all of it mcdonalds pizza junk food for id say almost a month no weight was gained actually lost two pounds which is weird so sucks i have to eat so much more to gain muscle but im okay with it i want the dream body i always wanted i love working out even tho i knew i couldnt gain weight i still did it would keep my head clear but this question i have is i have way too high estrogen as my doctors have said but since i no longer have insurance i can get on the medication my doctor wanted to prescribe me so my question is i was thinking running arimidex while doing my blast cycle so the extra test wont convert into more estrogen and so i wont get man boobs as my doctor said i would how many mg should i use 1mg a week? 2mg a week? or should i use something other than arimidex really do not want man boobs at all if anyone could help id gladly appreciate it very much