would just like to say how great it went with blueprint. love the packing and all so the rubber stoppers are clear and cool. gear is clear as water and is thin even with it all being high dosed stuff. i just pinned 3ml test e,npp,mast e,tne and tren. no pain what so ever i can not even tell i pinned at all not going in not now nothing i can not stress enough how smooth and 100% pain less. now the tne has a smell and taste i like i have never used it before but it is weird but in a cool way. i dont know about results yet but so far this is the best company and gear i have used in my 20 years .that includes everything from pharm grade rx from dr to wp to hundreds of ugl to vet grade anybody remember quality vet yes i am old. this so far beats it all but results are what matter but i would put my money and i did by buying from bp that it will be my best cycle ever. i will let everybody know.