My brothers and sisters of IMF, please send your prayers to our great overlord Prince. Dark times are headed his way and he will surely have some difficult choices on his journey to make. He may become depressed, angry, sad, delusional and worst of all, he will be in denial. We need to stay united with him to let him know that even though the obstacles are great, we are here to support him and help him through it all. Prince, stepping out of the 90s was scary for us all but I truly believe you have the will power and fortitude to join us in the 2010's. Even though XP is now dead, there are other options that may grow on to you, such as Windows 7. Please remember we are here for you and wish you the best.

Some twelve-and-a-half years after Windows XP first went on sale, Microsoft is turning off support for the operating system. From 8 April there'll be no further free updates or security patches.