Hey everyone, I'm wanting to do a bulk cycle with out to much bloat.
im thinking about running
sust 500-750mg a week
npp 200 ( 400-600) mg a week
dbol at 30-40mgs daily
letro for estro
dutrast for hair

i was wondering what kind of pip I can expect from the npp 200, if I would be able to pin it 2-3 times a week.
pretty sure the test won't have any from what others are saying about other test.
also thinking about inject with a 27g 1 inch. Not sure if it will go threw, but worth a shot since I'll be doing a lot of pinning.
im 27
6 foot 180lbs

also was thinking of just test prop 200 and running both prop and npp together in same shots 3x week, but again not sure about the pip.
I've never done npp everyone says it's awesome for mass, want to try it out if you guys here at BP think so.
all suggestion would be appreciated thanks.