hello ia m new to the life of lifting in a sense..starting hitting the gym on nov.6...5'9 270lbs...as of today i am 230 and thats about 103 days give or take.i generally hit the gym about 4-5 times a week for 2-3 hours at a time..it kind of become addicting since i started seeing results and love it..so i have lost 40 pounds and definitely gaines some lean muscle.so here is my routine.

40 mins cardio to start..(always)
becnchpress.120-150 reps i alterternate between decline and incline bench.switch it every gym sesh(i do a 5x5 max out to start,then lower the weight accordingly till i hit 120 reps and sometimes push it to 150 depending)
squats.30 reps(135lbs)
deadlifts.30 reps(185lbs)
tricep pulldowns.60 reps every other sesh
all free weights of course
i throw in some machine weights as well here and there during the seshs but not worth going into detail(thinking about running clen in a few weeks)

i am currently trying to cut down to 190 and i figure that should be a good weight to start the gear i asssume.my current diet pertains to chicken,eggs,low intake of carbs,fish,green beans.

i have taken alot of critism from friends on my dedication to this new addicction,but hey its better than sucking on a meth pipe right.i really want to get into body building to see what my body is capable of and to be a shredded motherfucker,i know it takes time and persistence and dedication which i feel i have to achieve this goal i have set for myself.i guess i am looking for some good advice and people to converse with as to improve progress and such.i really do love this gym life and dont plan on giving it up ever.i have posted a work out progression album on my profile feel free to check it out to see how far i have come and why i wouldnt want to stop.looking for any advice on burning fat and gaining muscle since i always hear contradicting stuff.about gains losing gains with cardio,etc,etc.