In order to better help our customers and help us ALL comply with the forum rules, please read some simple DOs and DON'Ts below

DON'T discuss buying products or having products shipped to countries where it is not legal (i.e. The US)

DO PM a rep if you have any questions regarding shipment to your particular country

DON'T discuss order/shipping dates or T/A (turn around) time

DO post up your experiences with general, nondescript terms such as: VERY FAST, FAST, AVERAGE, etc.

DO PM a rep if you need a more specific time frame

DON'T post threads if you have a problem with your order

DO PM a rep to resolve these issues in a much faster and simpler way

I will add more to this list as I can think of them.

We here at SFY want to offer you the best products and service possible. We would also like to keep our host happy by complying with these simple rules.