Hi guys, Im Federica, im italian and Im 26!
Firs of all, on Oct 2013 I became an MD here in Italy (medical doctor degree), so I know (or I should know ) what I'm talking about and the possible cons I could have using AAS et similia!
Some datas : 50 kg weight, 1.55 mt height, BF 16%...age of training: 2.5 years
Last may (2013) I ran Var for 9 weeks, first 4-5 weeks at 5mg and then 10mg splitted into 2 daily rations. I was also on ketodiet in that period till the end of july, so I lost fluids and weight (my weight at the end was 46.9 kg) and I noticed a little bit increase of muscular tone and fullness, especially on butt and delts, Even though the final effect didnt excite me at all! (it was my first cycle). So, for the next "on season" I have in mind to run var again but for 12 weeks and at an higher dosage, hoping to lose fat and add more muscle than last year! According to your experiences (Im a newbie in this field, I dont know dosage, aas protocols, which aas is better for mass gain and for BF loss) what dosage do you suggest to me??? Do you think, thinking about my ideal goals, higher doseof var could somehow help me?? My priority is putting lean mucle and cleaning fat!
Can someone help me, please?
Tnx y'all!!!
PS: I read online that some bikini competitors use var and clen! Well, Im very scared to use a beta2 agonist, due to his side effects like anxiety, palpitations and tachycardia...side effects I've just had taking some thermogenics supplements like Lipo6BlackUltra...is Clen more able to lower BF???