My first order from MJR was shipped lightning-quick.
Got it in like three days. Letrozole and Exemestane and they were buy one get one free and get a free bottle when you spend over x amount.
There were some broken bottles in the package. I sent him some pictures.
I'm sure the package was tossed around a few times before it made to my mailbox. Maybe it could have been packaged a little better.
MJ got plastic bottles and reshipped the very well packaged order to me lickety-split.

Next five get four Cabergoline caps and buy one get one free Clenbuterol plus 15% off to boot (I should say minus 15% off because it's a discount).

Since I ordered so many bottles of liquid Exemestane last time (like 10) he's offered to send me a free bottle of caps for a different approach to my I said, a standup guy.

He knows I'll review my research of his products when I've completed my research.

Will post research results soon.

Superior customer service, discounts on top of sales and freebies...