I apologize in advance for such a lengthy post.
If you make to the end without becoming too bored you?ll understand the need for this novella?

First off?I have been a member here for 16 months...I am not a n00b.
I did post at ASF as well and I am new to that site.
Too many cycles to count anymore.
Plenty of AAS experience.
I don?t run more than two cycles/year but I train year round if not laid up (as I?ve been recently).

I am looking for some insight, suggestions and/or opinions.
I am no stranger to brewing my own gear. Been doing it for years.
I am a physicist (among other things), not a chemist but I do understand chemical properties.
I lecture at the local college from time to time and I am able to utilize the lab and equipment in the clean room including the autoclave and pretty much everything else I need for sterilization and proper preparation for pharm-quality gear.
I am not trying to start an debate about what is pharm-quality.

I have access to a mass spec which I get to use from time to time.

[I have more than enough of my own compounds to test so I can?t test yours for you.
Someone, from another board a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, accused me of ?swapping? his hormone powder for the garbage he actually sent me to test.
He would rather have believed that I ripped him off than the unknown Chinese person who he sent money to in China.
I just don?t test for other people anymore?no offense, please]

All that said?some of it off my topic to be sure?I will get on with my issue.

I recently brewed a batch of Test E at 400mg/ml. I have never done that high a concentration before so in that respect it was a first. I used BA/BB at 2%/18% the remaining 80% was powder and GSO.
I did not use EO, MCT Oil, Guaicol or anything else.
The powder went into solution and has stayed, without crashing.
There is no recrystallization. I have not refrigerated it to see if it crashes.

The powder was from a reliable source who has never failed to provide me with nothing but the best raws. The mass spec was identical to the spectrum shown on Wikipedia for Test E?bottom line?nothing wrong with the powder.

I double filter my GSO by itself and my BA/BB (which I mix at 20ml/180ml respectively so I can just use 20ml of mixed BA/BB for each 100ml batch of gear).
I know adding the powder makes the sterile oil and solvents unsterile again.

After I brew the gear, in a water bath at low temp which takes a while, I let it cool.
I then filter it into a sterile media bottle. I use Whatman Klari-Flex .22um filters.
I then filter it again with a new filter.
I draw it out of the sterile media bottle through a sterile silicone septum with a sterile syringe.
One 10ml syringe for each vial.
I put it into sterile vials in a sterile environment while wearing sterile surgical (not exam) gloves.
I cap the vials with sterile stoppers and sterile seals using a sterile Kebby crimper.
My gear is no doubt sterile.

The reason for this long post is to rule out the obvious and seek serious insight on the following issues and questions.

I am having issues with PIP and lumping in glutes.
I rub it for 5-6 minutes after injection.
No bruising or redness.
None of the effects you?d expect from unsterile solution.
No swelling, just a lump that hurts.
It goes away in a couple days.
I use 23g 1? or 25g 1.5??no difference.
I haven?t tried pinning anywhere else because the thought of a lump in a quad just makes me shudder.

My thoughts are that this is because of the concentration.
What are your thoughts?
Maybe I should have mixed in some different oil/solvent?
Anyone else ever brew 400mg/ml?
If so, What was your end result with pinning?

I am including some pictures so you can see there is nothing ?dirty? in the vial.
It filtered perfectly as you can see.

I am thinking of thinning down to 200 or 250mg/ml.
What are your thoughts on that?

The acne and testicular atrophy tell me my brew is spot on.
I could mass spec it again.

If you all don?t want me to just go away and STFU by now, please give me some insight from the massive wealth of experience accumulated among the members of this board.

If you see this same/similar post on another forum, please don?t be offended.
Looking for as much input as I can gather.