Many infections can be acquired during sporting activities either from person to person contact, exposure to blood, bodily fluids or from use of unsterilized equipment or sports activity areas.

A sports person need to take following measures to avoid the future consequences:

1. Any skin injuries, acute or chronic, should be covered during sports activities with occlusive dressing until completely healed.

2. All wounds and injuries should be promptly detected and reported by players and coaches.

3. Appropriate protective equipment should be used at all times, including mouth and shin guard protectors.

4. Any equipment contaminated with blood should be removed from the sports activity area. If this
is not possible, the item should be cleaned and dried appropriately, using disposable cloths and a fresh solution of one part household bleach and ten parts water.

5. Promoting hygienic facilities and conduct in changing rooms and on the field of play.

6. Athletes traveling to different countries may be at increased risk and should ensure they have the
appropriate vaccines before traveling.

A little more awareness and change in your personal level hygiene can also change your life: