Mid-late 40s here.

Currently on cycle (test 600 NPP 300 weekly).

Not even halfway through, and I feel so great I am really, really not looking forward to coming off again and doing the PCT thing.

Now, I am not your typical candidate for TRT. Everything works down there, daily going at it with younger wife, workout, not necessarily lethargic and all of that, just slowly slipping . . . can obviously tell things are different from in my 30s, but not that bad.

Is there an age where you would consider Just Do It regardless of symptoms or bloodwork?

Thinking of just continuing with 150 mg a week Test E or C after cycle ends. Maybe 200.

I know people preach to younger people on here all the time about this but is there an age at which that preaching stops? Being only a few years away from 50 is giving me a different perspective on this.