Alright basics here
Height 5'7
Weight 196
BF % 19
5th cycle

This is somewhat complicated at the moment figuring out the timing and dosages for everything. Currently I am attempting to compete in 2 lifting events and then 1-2 bodybuilding shows.
Dates and Events
4/27 Lifting competition week 1 (bench / clean and press)
5/4 Lifting competition week 2 (bench / clean and press)
6/21 Possible BB Competition
6/28 Possible BB Competition
7/12 Main BB Competition

Here are the week-to-competition numbers
19 weeks to Main BB Competition (20 week cycle)
9-10 weeks to lifting competitions (10-11 week cycles)

Basically what I have in my head and what I have at my disposal since I already acquired things is:
Weeks 1-8 Test E @ ~800 (looking for numbers on this)
Weeks 8/9-19/20 Test P 50mg/Tren A 50 mg/ Masteron 50mg BLEND everyday
Weeks 14-20 Winny @ 50/day
Weeks 7/8-10/11 Dbol @ 30-40/day
Weeks 1-20 Exemestane @ 12.5 EOD or as needed
Weeks 12-20 Clen following a protocol increasing up to 160mcg/day (exact numbers are different just quick memory right now)
Weeks 12-20 T3 following a protocol increasing up to 150/day (exact numbers are different just quick memory right now)

Now, some things I need help with:
Since I'm running a blend, if/when should I stop the dosing prior to the bodybuilding competition?
Second, how would I figure out the dosing to run the Test E at in the beginning? Considering it is just test by itself
Next, if/when should I stop Clen/T3? (I think it's on my protocol but the link is down right now)
Lastly, when I switch from Test E to the blend how do I go about doing this (saying injections are Sunday/Wednesday for Test E)

I may have missed things but I will put them in if I remember