Hello everyone. I just joined and posted in the new members thread but ill introduce myself a little again. Im 24 turning 25 in a month. Been lifting since I was 16 and have made some great gains naturally. Never have taken a pro hormone or any of that nonsense. Other than protein and creatine, a test booster here and there. I contemplating starting a cycle last year but i decided to wait it out another year. So the time is now. Im sick of listening to dudes around my age because I honestly don't trust them. So i need some expert advice.

I want to run a Cycle of Test-E. Gonna start it at the end of April but I wanna make sure I have the right information before I buy everything.
Im 187 lbs 5'11 and about 8-10% BF. I want to put on 15 lbs at least of lean mass. Im going into this very optimistic because that will only help garnish more intensity once I start.

I know the right amount should be 250mgs twice a week spread out 3.5 days apart for a total of 500mgs a week.
I know you HAVE to have an AI on deck as well as a PCT. HCG as well for the testes!
Im gonna be taking Fish Oil, Animal Pak and Hawthorne Berry for Blood pressure control. I also have alot of L-Carnitine handy so ill take that as well.

Now my questions.

1) How long should I run the test? 10 weeks or 12 weeks?
2) Should I run another compound like Deca? ( I want to take my body to the next level, if its possible and not overdoing it, im open to it. )
3) Clomid or Nolva for PCT and how long after the last pin do I start? Ive heard 2 weeks? and what would a good dosage be?
4) as for the AI, im not prone to gyno so should i still take it or just have it in case? and if so to take it, what would the dosage be?
5) As for the HCG, do I take that throughout the whole cycle?
6) WHen should I start to notice the Test kicking in?
7) is a pre workout possible during cycle or Am I asking to go into cardiac arrest?

Once again thank you for reading and if you have any input or advice PLEASE DONT BE SHY. Once i start the cycle Im gonna post a log. Ill add my routine as well as my diet once I get some input....THANKSSSS