right guys is there any supps good for your kidneys?

iv been on accutane 40mg for nearly 3 months now works great im clear just scars left doc wants me to go to 80mg now for the next 3 months!

anyway i was cruising on test e for up untill now with no problem then iv just started back on cycle after 5 month cruise and im running the test e deca and eq fairly high dose.

second pin i took was in the morning a few says ago 1ml of each compound i got what felt like tren cough put it down to must of pricked a vein or something but.. later that day i didnt feel great rather lethargic and no energy so i gave gym a miss... had night sweats that night ha woke up kidney was sore...

been to train back yesterday and could feel it still sore.. still sore this morning now and im fucking so pissed off i know the accutane and the gear must be the cause im so pissed is there any thing that can help??