I got my free bottle of DMZ 3.0 from IML for logging last night.

My plan is to take one a day for the first two weeks, then bump it up to 2/day for a 5 week cycle.

Since my last log, I have struggled with diet. It's just been hit and miss, but never good for more than a 4-5 days at a time. This week was the first in my attempt to reign my diet back into place and now it's going well. It does mean, however, that I haven't lost any weight in that time.

Anywho, I'll be eating to lose fat. I hope to make some progress killing this belly (the never-ending goal ).

I'll log all my workout here, on the IML forums, and in my normal log; along with my observations on how the DMZ is affecting me.

I'll be taking milk thistle for my liver, a multi, fish oil and zinc daily.

Pre-workout is coffee and Bronk-aid. Post is protein with BCAAs.

I'll try to get some starting pics up soon.