Well almost. To make a long story short, my daughter's Dermatologist told me how to get 16 months worth of Pharmacy finesteride for $27. He gave me a script for 5 mg./day for a 1 month supply. I already knew he was going to say cut them in 4 pieces to equal 1.25 mg. a day. So this now turned into a 4 month supply. Then the best part. He said go to Walmart and DON'T use insurance. The script is $9. The Dermatologist's friend, from another pharmacy, told him about this because he said his pharmacy paid $89 WHOLESALE for their finesteride and that Walmart was burying them. They are apparently doing this at a loss to get people to use the pharmacy. I just went there and it worked. No more guessing about whether I got real shit or not. I'm going to post this in the Anabolic section as well to spread the word.