So today my buddy says he's pissed that he doesn't look any different after running 600mg prop, & 500mg deca for 12 weeks; it was all M's stuff btw;

He goes, "dude that shit was definitely bunk AF"; "I don't look any different, I want my $$$ back";

I replied with, "well, did you gain any weight?, did you measure your body parts?, how did you eat/train?"

He goes, "Pinning was hurting to much, so I only did it every 2-3 days, & I ate the usual stuff, like denny's, micky-d's etc..."; he said "ya I gained 18-20 Ibs, but I literally don't look any different in the mirror"

This fucking retard ate bullsh*t all day, drank energy drinks for his primary fluid intake, trained 'decent', gained 18-20 pounds, & he seriously thinks it's bunk because he doesn't look any bigger to himself; he said "dude if it was real, I'd be as big as you, I want my effing money back";

Now, do you see this plague of a problem surfacing amongst this ignorant generation of retarded human beings?

God damn, if you don't have all your ducks in a row, you aren't going to look impressive....he probably gained fat/water with maybe 10% of the weight being muscle tissue; he did nothing, took it wrong, didn't take deca long enough, gained 20 Ibs, & he thinks it's bunk; f*ck you AAS n00bs, you stupid little flies buzzing in my ears about your lack of gains, stop pinning gear, & start pinning drain cleaner;

You can't get solid reviews on UGL's because idiots like him have the stupidest disappointment stories to tell, that are polluting the knowledge sources regarding dark side of bodybuilding.

Why would M toss out bunk supps when it's not even expensive to make... if you want a real review, ask someone here who has some god damn experience, & legitimate knowledge.