56 yr
20.3% bf

Planning on Test cyp & NPP cycle.
been lifting for 35+ yrs, last 20 without any adds. just started 1 yr ago.

Plan to bulk but want to keep sex drive high.

wk 1-12 Test cyp 400 - 800 1xwk
wk 2-10 NPP 200 2xwk
wk 1-12 HCG 500 2xwk
wk 1-12 Aromasin 12.5 ED

wk 13- Cruise test cyp 200 1xwk
Run with HCG & aromasin
Comid? on cruise
Cialis of course

I ran mostly orals when young & been running TS400 cycles for last year. added dbol once but didn't like it.
I'm looking for some critique or suggestions on cycle and for cruising.

Thanks for any help.