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    Uncle Z sponsored cycle log

    I'll be logging the first 4 wks of euro pharms sust250 ran by itself...Then....from week4-14...I'll incorporate npp and var along with the sust to finish.I've been consistantly bulking on and off cycle for the last couple years in order to gain as much size and strength as possible. As you can see, I'm in need of a true recomp. I'll be carb cycling diet wise to help my acheive goal.Current weight is 235lbs naked @14ish%bodyfatGoal: lose around 10-15lbs while maintaing muscle mass & drop 4or5% bodyfat.Nothing too crazy and imo..easy to acheive.Wk1-14....sust250 @ 500mg....Wk4-14....npp100 @ 300mn increasing weekly until 600mgWk9-14....var @ 75&100mg to finishI'll post more pics as I go along and update regularly..Thanks again to uncle z
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