2014 Transformation Challenge

Look familiar? That's right it's that time again. You might remember the last winner of this contest.... Hmm, what was his name? Oh yeah FreightTrain. He killed this contest last year then kept busting his ass and earned his pro card and earned a rep spot with the Alpha Crew.
Now it's your shot.

This is not about how big you are or how cut up you are. This is about digging in deep and making a commitment to better yourself. The challenge will be judged on your log, commitment and the change you show. You have a guy that has been through it and won to to help on your journey as well as an Army Behind you. Take the challenge. Transform yourself into who you want to be.

Will soon be announcing when the Challenge will begin. Start getting ready. It's go time soon.

The Prizes:

1st Place : $500 of gear and bragging rights
2nd Place: $300 off gear
3rd Place: $200 of gear
***Special Prize for all AMA Vips who enter***