Ok guys, Ive been getting requests to post my IGF-1 blog, as you can see from my handle I love my IGF-1 and I would consider my self an expert and specialist in IGF-1 because Ive been using it since the 90s. I was one of the first to get it from Gropep Australia in the 90s when they first developed and patented the product. Since then Ive sourced it through stem cell researchers here in the US and other contacts. Let me first stipulate Im not a scientist, and Im only interested in "real world applications." I don't care what works for others or what looks good on paper or in theory, everyone on the internet simply regurgitates what they heard or read on the internet. Very few users have actually used real igf-1 and secondly most users do not apply it correctly or long enough. Personally I don't do 4 week cycles, I do 8 week cycles. Because I feel 4 weeks is way too short considering IGF-1 creates new muscle cells and tissues so why seize it at the 4 week mark when those new muscle cells and gains are developing? Four weeks is not enough time to solidify permanent gains. Eight weeks is more appropriate and realistic to solidify those gains as the new muscle cells(nerve cells and bone cells) have reached more maturity. Again this is what works for me, so don't come here into my thread and tell me what works for me and what doesn't work for me. If you disagree with my opinion and experiences that's fine, we can agree to disagree. But don't bother with the pissing contest here because I'm not going to be skewed, as I have been using this stuff while guys were still in high school or middle school. Ive administered it to pro's, discussed it with stem cell scientists etc. The purpose of this thread is to post and blog my experiences, to educate and help others. Again I repeat, I'm posting strictly from my real world experiences. I don't care about your research or theories. Its very easy for everyone to be the internet guru and expert behind their PC. Im only interested in what has worked for me and regenerated all my tissues and muscle. Hope this helps.....

Ok, my boy who's a pro(did very well recently) got me 10mg of Long R3 from gasantiaging.com, he swears by their IGF-1, its what he uses. Anyway, he got me onto their product. I didn't pay for it cause he owed me and we help each other out. I'm trialing the product and blogging it here. Will blog everything- good and bad side effects, lets see if it lives up to his hype? He knows I'm an IGF-1 specialist lol.
I have no affiliations or associations to any suppliers, sources or peptide companies. I simply care what is best for me and my body and Im only concerned with real IGF-1. Don't care from whom.

I want to keep the cycle and blog simple, not complicated as they say KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid). Im not going to get into fancy scientific words and theories, Im going to keep this very realistic and practical so the average Joe benefits.'

Thus far today 2/25/14 I have 10 x 1mg vials ready to start. Will be taking 100mcg/day cause I want to feel this thing right away!
Then I can drop down if its too strong. I have my first bottle mixed, 50/50 AA/BA. Will be pinning IM in delts, legs and injuries.
Diet will be high protein and enough carbs to prevent hypoglycemia which is common with IGF-1. I usually go hypo in 30min after an IM shot. Will do 50mcg am before training and 50mcg pm after training. Priority is fat loss(which always happens to me with IGF), pure lean muscle(new muscle cells) and improved healing of nagging injuries(shoulder,knee). Im not taking anything else(at all) with this IGF-1, this way I can pinpoint all the effects without any interference from anything else. Will be taking my first shot in a few hours.
My commencing stats 245lbs/6 ft/12% BF.

Will keep you all posted.....

ps- sorry for the long post, if its too long. Please don't jump in my thread and tell me what I should and shouldn't do. If you don't like my thread or if my experiences bother you then simply go away and don't read my thread. Otherwise please ask questions, leave comments and contribute positively to the thread. We're all here to learn.